Women’s Team — FAQ

Contact information


Boathouse address

1520 Lakeside Dr. Oakland, CA 94612 – boathouse door is to the right of the Lake Chalet restaurant; as you face the lake, follow the path around the restaurant (include the separate restaurant structure to the right of the main building). There is an LMRC team seal on the boathouse door, which is on the south side of the restaurant and underneath the separate restaurant structure.

When does the team practice?

  • Monday 5:20-7:15 AM
  • Tuesday 5:50-8:00 PM
  • Friday 5:20-7:15 AM
  • Saturday 6:50-9:00 AM

How are practices structured?

Coached practices are held year round; we sweep and scull. Monday/ Friday practices focus on steady state and drills, Tuesday/Saturday practices include higher intensity work and race pieces. Winter training includes one day of land work on the ergs and in the boathouse, as do inclement weather workouts.

Who is the coach?

Our team is coached by Chris Dadd. Coach Dadd is an alumnus of Humboldt State University, where he competed on the men’s lightweight crew. He has been pivotal in Lake Merritt’s learn to row program for over 20 years and he is currently coaching Lake Merritt’s newly formed After School Youth Rowing Program. Coach Dadd is the head coach of the Berkeley High School men’s team, where he has been coaching for 19 years. He has been coaching at Open Water Rowing in Sausalito for 25 years.

What are the fees?

Coaching fees are $52 per month, payable through Punchpass. Dedicated coxswains do not have to pay coaching fees or membership fees. Members of the LMRC women’s team should be members in good standing of the Lake Merritt Rowing Club and US Rowing.

How fit am I expected to be?

Rowers who want to be considered for competitive boats should attend as many weekly practices as possible. Missed practices should be made up on the erg or the water. An additional 20K of independent work on the water or erg and timely submission of erg tests are expected for rowers who would like to be considered for the most competitive boats.

Team members are not required to race, but they are expected to maintain fitness expectations and contribute to the competitive success of the team. Lineups often vary and team members participate in a coxswain rotation when dedicated coxswains are not at practice.

Is there a team captain?

The team elects two team captains who serve as conduits of information within the team, between the coach and team, and assist the coach with administrative details. The team collaborates with the coach and captains to discuss organizational matters, including which regattas to attend, expenditure of team funds, and team goals. We use Team Snap to anticipate attendance and create lineups.

Current team captains are Mary Glaeser and Andrea Muchin.

Does the team have social gatherings?

Our team has a competitive focus with a social balance. Team gatherings include regular breakfasts after Saturday practices, coffee after weekday practices, Taco Tuesdays at the Lake Chalet, an annual team retreat, winter holiday party/gift exchange, macaroni and cheese cookoff, baseball games, wine tasting, and ski trips.